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Job titles (or: the meaning of power)

We don’t have specific job titles that denote hierarchy. The only exception are our CEOs, which the law requires we name. But even that isn’t printed on our business cards our flouted in email signatures; it is only used when required on official documentation. We don’t believe in categorizing our colleagues into “senior”, “junior” or “director”. Why? Hierarchy creates power. We at neulandherzer believe in competence.

An expert at something should have the say how it’s done. We count on the fact that the people working at neulandherzer can evaluate their own and others’ abilities accurately. No one person here has power over another. We make decisions together, in a constructive manner and based on rational arguments – not based on hierarchy or said power. We don’t like power games. We don’t like the culture of fear that power creates. The descriptions “junior” and “senior” are only used for job advertisements. There, they are intended to inform potential applicants and for SEO.

We do not take place in competitions, rankings or awards

Why? Participating in rankings, awards and competitions takes a lot of time, money and energy. Most are money-making machines and inconsequential. To acquire prestige via awards, you need to take part in the most important – and usually most expensive – awards, many of which have the clause that you need to receive the award in person. This shows what they are about: profit rather than quality.

Once you have won something, the public perceives you in terms of how long it has been since your last award. We would thus need to keep taking part to stay in the game to prevent the impression of “they won something years ago, but now they’re obviously not doing so well”. This cycle is even more prominent among rankings, such as If you’re named here once, every downward step or lack of movement upward is registered as something negative. We don’t plan to grow to an astronomic size, so can never rise to the top of a ranking measured on size and economic factors. Even though we are constantly creative, we would never stand a chance in creative rankings, because we do not on a continual basis produce products with which you gain points there. This is also because we are not a pure internet or advertisement agency. We just don’t fit into these categories and cannot be “good” at any ranking.

There would be only be one reason to take part in awards, rankings or competitions, and that would be PR for neulandherzer to make potential employees aware of us. But the negative aspects so clearly outweigh the positive that the decision to forgo any of these was an easy one. Good employees will find us nonetheless.


We’re not interested in the least in – troublemakers, know-it-alls, pain-in-the-necks, whiners, wise guys, assholes.

We’re highly interested in – Apart from the professional qualifications, two questions are of utmost importance to us:

Quality (or: what is what we’re producing good enough)

We produce many things: films, comics, social media posts, concepts, articles. We have three questions we apply to everything we do:

If the answer is “yes” all three times, that’s good. If it is only “yes” two times, then that’s not good enough. When talking about quality, we differentiate between quality in terms of content and form. These questions are meant to evaluate content. Quality in terms of form (spelling, grammar, technical implementation of the design, visual quality, cutting etc.) should speak for itself and need no additional questions.

You are still reading and have a feeling this is the way you think, too? Then have a look at our job offerings or just send us a CV and a description of what makes your world go around.


What you won’t find here: Power, Titles, Awards.

What you will find here: Quality, Pace, Fun, Projects that challenge you.

Project Manager (m/f) for a luxury fashion brand

Where? Berlin/Frankfurt
When? ASAP
Employment permanent, flexible

We are looking for a Project Manager (m/f) for a luxury fashion brand.


As a Project Manager, you keep things on track. You are the interface between our customers, internal staff, and our external service partners. With your sensitive understanding of brand communication, brand management, clients, and markets, you take care of several social-media projects, actions, and content productions. As the project leader, you assure that the quality, the budgeting and the creative output are always at their best. To make sure our clients satisfied and happy, you also organize workshops and present and discuss your work with the customers.

Your ideal skill set

You have 3–5 years of experience in the management of digital projects, preferably in the fashion business. Apart from that, your coordination ability and organizational talent are outstanding, and combined with your professional calm, you always manage to keep the project on schedule, even in stressful situations. You have excellent communication skills (German/English –our project language is English), and are full of passion for the media, all things digital, fashion, people, pop culture, and the social media.

What we offer

A relaxed and fruitful work environment in two locations. Open, cultivated, and enthusiastic colleagues, who are there for you. Responsibility, creative freedom, flexible work hours, flat hierarchies, and excellent third-wave-coffee connections from around the world ;)

Does that accurately describe you?

Then let us know! Apply by email to and include your resumé plus a brief introduction into some of the things you would love us to know about you. Looking forward to getting to know you!

Technical Senior Project Manager (m/f)

Where? Berlin/Frankfurt
When? ASAP
Employment permanent, flexible

A Technical Senior Project Manager for big and smaller innovation projects with clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Lufthansa, BASF or Red Bull.


Nothing runs without you: as a Technical Senior Project Manager you hold all the reins. You are THE interface between client, creation and implementers. With your comprehensive technical understanding for trends in all digital topics you lead the realization of projects at eye level with developers and you give impulses for new ideas.

As a responsible project manager you ensure that quality, budget and creative output are attuned and that the client is happy – you do so via carefully edited workshops, presentations and coordinative processes.

Your ideal skill set and attitude

What we offer

Is your profile the perfect fit?

Then do let us know and email us a few lines about what makes you the perfect fit together with your CV at We are looking forward to get to know you!

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