Content Productions

Nowadays, when do you ever get the chance to build an Instagram channel from the ground up?

Ti, the refreshing organic tea by Bionade GmbH, gave us this exact opportunity. Not just Instagram, of course, but also a communication strategy for all appropriate social media channels including community management.

Keep the product in mind!

Happy people holding delicious beverages in their hands? That’s not our style. At least not most of the time.

We familiarized ourselves with Ti’s ingredients, and all the different Ti flavors have one thing in common: freshly brewed tea.

So we headed to Japan, a country known for its rich tea culture, for our first content production. And after productions in Berlin and Hamburg, both tea trading cities par excellence, we continued to India—always keeping a close eye on the ingredients.

100 % neulandherzer – 100 % Ti

The visual language, which we were able to control 100% due to our content productions, was just right for our Instagram target group.

With a healthy mix of lifestyle, product, and ingredient shots, Ti followers enjoy both our aesthetic and added educational value.

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Everywhere on the web!

With a new social media presence, the website needed a new look as well. We always focus on the ingredients and the fact that Ti is produced with freshly brewed tea, so we built the wireframes and all content with this in mind. The result? Ti has a uniform, unique aesthetic throughout the entire web. Just as it should be.