Content Productions

We take Steiff's world-famous plushies and other quality products to the social web.

Steiff is a traditional company with a high reputation not only in Germany but around the world. Of course, the extremely high-quality plush animals are the central focus of our digital efforts.

But the challenge is that the cuddly toys with a button in their ear live in a price segment that makes them small luxury items.

Make it cute!

With an unbelievable number of Steiff fans among our colleagues, our enthusiasm is unmatched for making these plushies protagonists of their own stories. One thing we noticed very quickly when creating Steiff content: The more fun we had creating the stories, the more the fans enjoyed them as well.

The secret: always harness your inner child … and keep the right target group in mind.

Straight from the web to the store

Of course, successful branding and social media marketing impacts sales—and that goes hand in hand with extensive influencer marketing and management. But paid media also plays an immense role: Through consistent targeting and AB testing, our team knows the Steiff target group like we know our closest friends. We have utilized this knowledge to usher Steiff fans into stores via social sales campaigns.

And how do we know that these campaigns were successful? Because of the Facebook pixel: it’s not just a gut feeling, it’s a fact.