She’s Mercedes

Content Productions

Are cars men's domain? Not really. And that's what She's Mercedes is all about: Women only.

Cars are not only a means of transportation. They are part of our lifestyle and choosing which car brand we want to drive is just as personal as our career choice. Since 2015, we have been concentrating on building and maintaining a community for professional women.

Branded content with added value.

Establishing a community is not that easy. Of course, you need branded content, but that content has to be appealing and provide immediate added value for the target group.

That’s exactly why we focus on stories and protagonists around fashion, lifestyle, and art in our high-quality video productions. According to the motto “Credibility is critical – and style counts” we generate and produce content with personalities like Yuna, Paloma Elsesser, and Leena Al Ghouti. Women who inspire and have an opinion. Targeted media cooperations with Nowness and Dazed, for example, are also welcome multipliers.

A different kind of viral.

Of course, our unique productions are featured in both the She’s Mercedes community and Mercedes-Benz channels.

Plus magazines and platforms like Vogue, Journelles, and GirlsGaze also report independently on our productions. Influencers share them on Instagram, where a fantastic interaction rate shows that we satisfy the tastes of our target group and regularly exceed our agreed-upon goals.