Mercedes-Benz EQ

EQ x Damian Kulash

Art or science? Both! The Mercedes-Benz EQ premiere at SXSW 2019.

In Austin, we wanted to create something unique that made electricity tangible. We approached “OK Go” frontman Damian Kulash on behalf of Mercedes-Benz to collaborate on a work of art that would allow festival-goers to experience electricity in a very different way: The SIT.

The Stress Inversion Transformer

“SIT” stands for “Stress Inversion Transformer.” The idea behind it: We all experience stress. But how can you give your stress an outlet and transform it into electricity?

Inside the SIT, visitors were able to get rid of stress like so:

Enter the soundproof box, jump, stomp, scream, and then check how much actual energy your stress output generated.

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Does it help? For sure!

Everyone who stepped out of the SIT had a big grin on their face.

And not only that, we introduced the EQ brand to SXSW in a playful way, without any in-your-face marketing.

Of course, the SIT is not a one-time thing – it will keep traveling to future festivals so that more and more people can participate in the energy exchange.