#inspiredby Campaign

Why do we travel?

New countries, foreign cultures, and exotic food – it’s often the unknown that drives us to fly across the world. But what happens when it’s not the unfamiliar that makes us board a plane, but an adventurous journey back to our roots?

#travelblogger? #thatssoboring!

On the hunt for clicks and likes, many millennials hike along well-trodden paths to the most spectacular “Instagram locations” that have already been photographed by thousands of people. Carefully filtered wanderlust shows us places that fit perfectly into the small square format.

We wanted more, and so did our client Lufthansa: We wanted to capture the essence of travel. But how can you rediscover a topic that is already an integral part of our lives and has been told creatively in every possible way? With a unique journey to oneself, driven by the desire to come home!

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Coming home… to yourself.

What could be more inspiring than searching for meaning, investigating personal roots, discovering forgotten memories? With our award-winning content campaign “#inspiredby Heimweh” we accompanied creative people who live far from home and dared to go on the most adventurous and moving journey of their lives. No sightseeing on well-trodden paths, but a courageous break from the usual promises of other airlines.

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Our focus: personal experiences.

We highlighted travelers, personal experiences and emotions. It’s about people and what their journey home changes in them. The locations and type of travel play a minor role – unusual for an airline campaign.

A special social media campaign with strong visuals and emotional storytelling that unfolded in several episodes over months. The success proved us right: #inspiredby Heimweh was one of the most successful content campaigns of the year, winning many creative and strategy awards.

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