Social Media

Food should be healthy and sustainable for individuals and communities. FoodUnfolded provides scientifically sound food facts on the social web.

Food and technology

There are many rumors and half-truths about food tech and agricultural innovations out there. FoodUnfolded takes these on: with a great deal of transparency and honesty, FoodUnfolded makes scientifically sound facts available across the internet. That may sound a bit boring at first glance, but that’s where we come in.

Science on social media

Our approach: short animations and photo series featuring important information and zero fuss. This way, users can quickly access the information and, if interested, deepen their knowledge on the FoodUnfolded homepage. Here, too, we don’t just rely on our concepts and FoodUnfolded editorial support. We also ensure that content is delivered to the right target group with the help of media spending.

But do we think this is enough to cover such an important topic?

From the social web into reality

The answer is no. Eating is a topic we all deal with every day in one way or another. And that’s why we focus on stellar community management, even within micro-communities.

The social web is trending more personal, which makes community management an integral component. And not just on the internet! With FoodUnfolded, we bring concentrated knowledge to real-life events as well, so that our community can network and exchange ideas.