Escada Live Podcast Event:
ESCADA x Fashion no Filter

Fashion and online marketing – bffs!

But how can you combine these two industries in a way that appeals to power women in the fashion world? The solution is unusual but effective.

ESCADA – a company that stands for successful, independent women. This has not changed, even 40 years after Margaretha Ley founded the brand. Today, these potential customers delve into digital spheres and get their fashion inspiration online. Perfect chance to address them right there and then. But how? Why not shake up an industry that heavily relies on visual appearance by utilizing a medium on the rise: podcasts?

Event and podcast in one.

If fashion podcasts are already so successful, why not turn recordings into live events? Our collaboration with the podcast Fashion noFilter by influencers Camille Charriere and Monica de La Villardière proved that podcasts plus events make an unstoppable combination. Participants at the ESCADA flagship store in London could either listen live or tune in later to conversations about the influence of style on success and self-confidence.

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Inspiring content.

The show attracted big names from the London fashion scene and rippled into their social media channels as well. The focus point of the discussions was not products, but women’s empowerment: a direct link to ESCADA. The podcast episode “Dressed for Radio” is available on iTunes, Acast, Spotify, PlayerFM, and PodBean.