Job Portal — Matrix

Job Portal   Matrix

An assessment of job portals from our point of view.

There is no knowing where the next turn in the road will take us. Many companies are unsure how to find their next dream candidate — there are plenty of job portals these days, promising to find you the perfect fit but we somehow always struggle to select the right platforms. And, to turn the tables, are those even the right platforms for job seekers, hoping to find their dream job and days filled with exciting tasks among people who inspire them? Let’s have a closer look at what we’re looking for at neulandherzer and what that means for the selection of our job portals:

Define our needs

At neulandherzer, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. So sorting through the jungle of online job portals was a high priority. There is no objective way to compare them, so we devised criteria with which to assess their offerings, leading us to a final score we can rank them by. But before that step was even imaginable, we needed to take a good look at ourselves and what we do.

As a digital media agency, we produce many things: digital communication in all shapes and sizes, strategies, social media content, films, articles, concepts. To do so, we need a broad palette of people with a variety of skills. As you can see in our matrix, we categorized our employees into 5 categories: the senior and junior project managers are the interface to our clients, communicating their needs and ensuring that every project is delivered as promised. In cooperation with the concept developers, our editors create the output, receiving technical assistance from further PMs if necessary. So far, so good. Now we know what job types we are looking for: but what does that imply for the assessment of each portal?

Define the criteria

First of all, we decided to weight each job type, as senior-level candidates bring with them a wealth of prior knowledge. Learning something new from the colleagues around you should be your everyday experience. If someone can add their experience to the discussion, all the better. We also thought we’d bring our experience as an agency to the table, too. Added category whether the respective portal has a focus relevant to digital professionals: check.

Not much more was left in our job portal matrix. We added further criteria as to whether the service was free or for pay as well as whether it catered to an international audience. Then all that was left was to … assess hundreds of pages of job advertisements to come up with each rating. We’ll spare you the details on that, but the final product did lead to some surprises. Or did you know that there are so many good job portals that can be used for free?

As to us, we’re re-assessing our hiring methods to take the top-ranked job portals into account. And who knows, maybe our matrix suits your company well and you’ll find the talent you have been seeking. And if your company has other requirements for such a matrix, we hope our method of creating it will help you to find your own Top 9 of job portals.

neulandherzer Job Portal Matrix

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