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Invigorating Your Life with Ti

How do you build up an Instagram account and change a product’s image?

Who Do You Want to Be on Social Media?

When we started working together with the beverage company Ti, we had one big question to solve before cranking out content plans and social media strategies. Who do you want to be on social media? This question takes some thought because it has to be in line with the entire digital strategy while keeping in mind who the Ti customer actually is.

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A New Visual Concept

How do you kick-off a brand new empty Instagram account? With great content, of course. Ti creates organic bottled tea drinks using simple, clean ingredients… so beautiful food photography was a no-brainer. But we wanted to put a twist on traditional food imagery to really set Ti’s brand aesthetic apart. Our social media concept team, editors, and producers came up with a mindful campaign that started a new Ti era.

Content Production for Ti Social Media

To establish a clear visual language for Ti, we decided to go big. Our production team headed to Japan with Ti in their luggage and a clear plan of what to shoot. We captured Japan’s traditions all around tea, including a tea ceremony, pottery, and a more modern way of savoring tea in one of the most stunning cities in the world: Tokyo! This concept became the new cornerstone of Ti’s social media channels.

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How Do You Follow Up?

Of course, it is a challenge to continually create content as impressive as the assets from a major production shoot in Japan. Bringing Ti home to Berlin, though, was an unexpected yet rewarding move. What does tea have in common with Berlin? More than you think. Because the tea movement is on the rise, and so are Ti’s social media channels.

The Future

With an ever-changing social media landscape, the future is something we are looking forward to. And with the upcoming productions, we are planning in partnership with Ti, we can’t wait to meet all possible challenges with great enthusiasm and a glass of Ti.

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