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We show what it means to be part of the Steiff family.


We propelled Mercedes‑Benz into the Top 3 Automotive Social Media Brands globally.

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we were responsible for the Me Convention communication.

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We are producing editorial zeitgeist content worldwide.

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We charted Hapag‑Lloyd’s course for social media success.

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We support Berlin Health Innovations accelerator in making medical innovations a new reality.

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We helped Lufthansa soar to new heights in social media.

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#inspiredby Heimweh
We created Lufthansa’s first campaign about home and personal identity.

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We supported Lufthansa Cargo in Social Media.

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We took care of the BASF EN digital communication.

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We are the social media agency of Egger.

Explore the Egger universe

We helped Lufthansa explain the word Heimweh to the world.
#inspiredby Heimweh

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We manage social media and video content for Ti.


We support Escada in Social Media.


We helped BSH improve their corporate communication strategy.


We created Lufthansa’s campaign, accompanying Emilia Schüle as she explored her Russian roots.
#inspiredby Heimweh

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We support TechQuartier in expanding their network by creating their website and CI.


We support Mercedes‑Benz in establishing the next generation of vehicles.


As lead social media agency we navigate European Flight Academy through the digital landscape.


We are responsible for the Hyperloop Digital Communication Strategy.


We bring international tastemakers together to create content for brands that goes beyond the expected.

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We gave mercedes‑ a new design.


We are inspiring and connecting women all over the world – with She’s Mercedes and the She’s Mercedes Lounge.

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We enable adventurers to make new experiences with Mercedes‑Benz.

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We heart this work!

About us

We believe in the power of digital

Our mission: Being the first choice digital agency for the most ambitious clients with a positive mindset & goals.

Our core capability: We turn the latest advances in technology into digital services, products, branding and marketing.

Our brand promise: Measurable growing impact.

Why we believe in the power of digital

Love and fear

People love their phones, apps, maps, wifi and social networks. But at the same time they fear tracking, control, data theft and total transparency. This changes the way people live. Whether they feel free or used, happy or uncomfortable. Be aware of your customers’ concerns and show them ways to embrace the power of digital in their lives.

Time is valuable

Customers will devote time to your brand if they appreciate your content, product or service. This is why you should give them something great. It is a simple deal. Don't waste your customer's time with meaningless information, non-working apps or unintelligent content.

Positive attitude

Using digital in a positive way makes your brand visible, your products purchased and your services used. People love things that make them feel free and happy. Do not discourage them at the beginning by wasting their time with poor content. That's why we help brands to create digital in a positive way. It makes us happy because it makes people happy.

How we are handling digital power responsibly

Thoughtful strategies

New opportunities in the digital space emerge every day. If you wait too long before investing in upcoming trends, you can't embrace every novelty. An investment decision for a project has to consider your brand values as well as your business and marketing goals. Market momentum, authenticity and team spirit are also vital. Taking all this into consideration, a thoughtful strategy is a valid foundation to make good decisions.

Solid concepts

Starting hands-on without a concept works for simple and small projects. Sketches on a napkin may be adequate. With larger projects this no longer works. A digital lab to build prototypes is a smart way to speed up the early concept phase. As with an architect's plan, a solid concept merges interface and technology. It bridges the gap between thoughtful strategy and implementation.

Professional implementation

Every day, our clients benefit from the digital know-how of our employees. We believe in letting those with the best expertise contribute that to our projects. Part of this ethos means that, for selected projects, we hand-pick service providers who we trust and rely upon. The goal is always the same: provide the best results for your digital project.

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